Free Business Email for Healthcare Website

Custom domain email is one of the key resources to make sure your target audience can easily communicate with you, regardless of where you host your website. Using a free email address on your contact page might reflect poorly on you and your company if your web hosting package does not include email hosting.

The good news is that there are a number of reliable email hosting options that may be used to obtain a custom domain email address.

I’ve chosen a few of the well-liked, free services that may be utilized to run email communication through your own custom domain name. A small number of host records must be added in order to complete the setup process for setting bespoke emails using these services. After that, you may either handle your emails via a web interface or one of the widely used email programs.

To enable the usage of custom domain email addresses for our company website, let’s get started and look at some of the excellent free email hosting options. Check them all out to see which one best suits your company’s needs., a more recent competitor that just handles domain emails, takes pride in its ability to make things as simple and affordable as possible.
It takes less than a minute from registration to sending/receiving your first email, and maintaining domain addresses is quite easy. Although not truly free email, the service offers a 30-day no-risk trial without requiring a credit card and has one of the lowest prices, with monthly rates as low as $1.

Free trial and affordable plans – Plans start at at $1/month for 2 mailboxes + 3 aliases during the free trial, which lasts 30 days. Nearly free but not quite.
Depending on your budget, you may build anywhere from 2 to 1000+ mailboxes. For most small businesses, the $5/month Premium package with up to 25 mailboxes is sufficient.
Unlimited aliases – Starting with Premium, you are able to make as many receiving aliases as you like.
The number of domains you may add is limitless starting with Premium.
1GB to 20GB per mailbox – The Base plan’s 1GB of storage per mailbox is more than enough for the majority of users, while higher plans provide up to 20GB.

Strong support – The service has received a high rating from hundreds of reviews on Trustpilot, which frequently highlight the assistance’s effectiveness and usability.
Simple to use admin panel – Creating an address in the admin panel only takes a few seconds. You may also check out a sample account without signing up.
Modern webmail – Roundcube, an open-source email program, is used to power the bundled webmail.
The setup is by far the quickest and simplest, requiring simply the completion of a two-field form and explicit DNS instructions.

Zoho Mail:

With an unique domain for your website, you can simply use one of the most well-liked and commonly used free email services. The majority of customers find the plan adequate, and there are no annoying advertising in it at all. I’ve used it for a number of clients, and they all had excellent things to say.

The setup procedure is also quite simple for a layperson. The following are a few of this email hosting service’s outstanding features.

Up to 25 email addresses are allowed to be configured with the free plan, which is more than adequate for the ordinary user.
Up to 5GB of storage capacity per inbox – With adequate storage space for each email address, you may keep thousands of emails without having to delete them to make room for the more recent ones.
Mobile, desktop, and web clients – Users may easily access their emails on shared computers in public places by using the web interface. Similar to this, mobile applications let you use your smartphone to interact with ease.
Strong dashboard – The administration dashboard offers a ton of configuration choices for policies, rules, and filters, making it simple to control users as well as the flow of email traffic.


This straightforward and effective free email hosting provider offers a versatile plan that may be utilized to power email communication for a custom domain. With this service, you may quickly and easily establish the email domain records if your website is hosted on a Digital Ocean server. This straightforward and user-friendly email hosting solution for a custom domain includes the services listed below.
Unlimited mailboxes – You may establish as many addresses for your domain as you’d like, which is more than plenty for a free plan.
1GB inbox space -You could easily keep hundreds of text and rich HTML emails with that much storage.
Simple web interface – Although you may configure your own email client on the desktop, its online interface is blazingly fast.
Easy setup -The complete setup is really straightforward and just requires a few steps to set up host records for email.


Another well-known email hosting provider that supports custom domains is this one. It features a simple user interface and functions without any issues. This hosting service is among the greatest options if you’re seeking for a dependable email hosting solution for the domain name of your website.

When utilizing this service, your custom domain email account comes with the capabilities listed below.

1000 mailboxes – When utilizing a custom domain to create several email accounts, that’s a significant amount.
Limitless email space – You can be confident that you will have unlimited inbox capacity as long as you play fairly and don’t abuse the advantage.
Themed web interface – You may personalize the tasteful web interface by choosing from a variety of themes that suit your tastes.
IMAP/POP3 support -This makes it simple to set up practically any email client to retrieve emails stored on a custom domain in a third-party program.

Using a Custom Domain with Gmail:

Last but not the least, we may run our own domain email communication on Google’s Gmail service. It has a special function that allows us to add several custom domain names directly from within our Gmail account.

We may quickly choose the necessary custom email addresses from the drop-down menu while creating an email. It was something I utilized when I first started writing before I switched to Google Apps.

It’s a quick process that can be finished in about 5 minutes. This is the procedure.

Step 1: Visit the email forwarding service ImprovMX.

Step 2: The MX records shown below should be copied and added to your domain name’s DNS host records.

Step 3: Wherever you want the addresses to be used, enter the domain name and the Gmail address. Click the verification button after that. The setup example is seen below.

Step 4: Go to the “Settings Accounts and Import Send mail as:” option after opening your Gmail inbox. You may set up as many custom domain email addresses in this section as you like. The image below shows a functional setup example.

All emails sent to your domain name are intercepted by the ImprovMX service and sent to your Gmail account. Using your selected custom domain addresses, step 4 makes sure you can send emails to your target audience with ease.

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