How to use Patient Video Testimonial

Patient video testimonials are the most powerful and potent way to showcase the differences that you have made to their lives. 

Video testimonials include word of the mouth of patients which is the best form of advertisement that creates emotional connect. Satisfied patients share their experience with positivity about your services, procedures or healthcare management, when someone looks for best healthcare practices, you will get references from previous patients.

In these video testimonials, happy clients discuss their good interactions with your medical practice, facility, or treatment.
Video testimonies are particularly powerful because they foster an emotional bond with the sufferers.

Patients describe how their lives have changed as a result of successful treatment, so you will undoubtedly breathe a sigh of relief when you read other patients’ good comments about their safe treatment when looking for doctors to carry out your next surgery. The films instill confidence and encourage you to visit the same healthcare practitioner for yourself.

1.Video converts better than any other channel, say 70% of marketers.

2.86% of companies utilize video to promote their goods or services.

*Marketers who use video on social media report an increase in new clientele of 93%.

*In 2020, 99% of marketers said they intended to continue utilizing video in their digital marketing for the following year.

Patient Video Testimonial Release Form

Your clinic should have a current, enforceable legal document with consent to publish a patient testimonial in order to abide with privacy rules. This form may be included as regular procedure in your intake forms and/or EMR. You can utilize the patient testimonial on your website and social media accounts once the signed form has been filed.

Use a Script

As an example, use these 3 straightforward questions to record the patient video testimonial experience:
What aspect of working with me did you like the most?
What impact has your course of therapy had on your quality of life?
Would you suggest my office to your relatives and friends?

Keep It Short

The majority of consumers do not have the time or inclination to view anything more than one minute. A 30- to 45-second patient video testimonial is good. As a result, the films may be utilized on different social media platforms where there are time restrictions on videos.

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